Episode 290, “Borg Crumbs”


Firm DSC launch date this week?

The Orville - Seth MacFarlane. Looks like a Futurama-like space comedy. This makes me sad because he should

have made a Trek competitor.

More Trek stamps from Canada: Photos of Kirk from WOK, Picard from BoBW, Sisko, Janeway & Archer each with a bad guy from their series. Also TOS shuttlecraft & Borg cube. April 27th.

Star Trek Continues is now an official affiliate of CBS.

DSC footage should be coming soon (tomorrow?) for CBS advertisers and affiliates.

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: You suffered a near death injury while saving Kirk from the Gorn. Which Trek doctor do u want try to save your life?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Latest episode of Doctor Who. S10, E5: Oxygen. This is the very beginning of the episode.


Last week in Trek

Episode insight: VOY S5, E7: Infinite Regress

Character insight - Jadzia Dax

Subspace communications

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