BNN #39 - Convert to Raid presents: Warcraft GO!

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Tattva and Sharku join the crew this week to talk about WoW and more!

10:00 - Show Announcements: Gatherin Storm Tournament, CTR Party Kickstarter info
17:00 - New guild to take over top spot?
23:00 - CM Response Ignites Discussion
30:30 - PvP Season 3 ending, Blizzard Preview of Tomb of Sargeras
42:15 - WoW Goes Mobile?
50:25 - People Being Bored in WoW: soloing, Super Hole in One, Pet Battle Leveling
56:00 - Overwatch: New hero, map to be announced? Loot box complaints
1:06:00 HotS: 2nd Anniversary loots, HotS Soundtrack released
1:11:00 - eSports Highlights
1:13:50 - Outro

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