BNN #38 - Convert to Raid presents: It's Your Destiny... 2

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Dairies and Sharku join the crew this week to talk about WoW and more!

9:00 - Show Announcements: John update, Kickstarter for the CTR Party, Gathering Storm update
18:40 - Destiny 2 Comes to the Launcher
26:15 - Serenity Calls it Quits
34:15 - Artifact Knowledge Changes
39:45 - Overwatch: One Year Anniversary, More stories coming!
47:50 - Hearthstone: upcoming changes
51:30 - HotS: Tryhard for Good Charity Fundraising, Core Concepts update
54:15 - SC2: Artosis and Tasteless announcer pack!
56:35 - eSports Roundup: HotS HGC, Hearthstone Global Games, Overwatch Contenders
1:08:15 - Outro

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