BNN #33 - Convert to Raid presents: Year of the Mallard

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John Horstmann (Well Met and The Payload podcasts), Sharku (Adults with Jobs) and Tattva (Line of Sight Gaming) join the crew this week to talk about WoW and more!

4:15 - Riddler's Mind Worm Mount Discovered!
10:40 - Un'Goro Play Analysis from John
26:00 - Blizzcon Tickets SOLD OUT
27:45 - Flying in Legion!
33:45 - Week 3: Order Hall Quests and more in 7.2
40:30 - Hearthstone: Maiev Shadowsong Quest, Mob Mentality in the Forums
45:50 - Overwatch: Uprising PvE Content!
50:10 - Heroes of the Storm: Veteran's Chests update on the PTR
57:00 - Diablo: Necromancer Beta is LIVE (invite only)
59:00 - eSports: Heroes of the Dorm Finals
1:04:15 - Listener Question: Is It Too Easy to Raid?
1:19:25 - Outro

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