Trekcast Supplemental 29: Jumja Sticks

Who doesnt like a nice Jumja Stickin the sweltering summer heat. Hello and welcome to the next Trekcast the Star Trek podcast, this week we get things back to normal with the supplemental (if you haven't last weeks craziness download it now) and answer some of the burning question you our favorite people our listeners have to say about what we have talked about on the show, or just anything you want to here about Star Trek.

Also to all of you fans get out there and pick up the first issue of Days Missing available now at your local comics shops

Thanks once again for joining us for this weeks episode of the supplemental and remember we love your subspace signals (emails) keep them coming. We also love those 5 star reviews on iTunes as well, and thanks to you we are the number 1 rated Star Trek podcast on iTunes. So keep living long and prospering and well be talking to you soon on episode 40 of Trekcast.