Trekcast Supplemental 28: Party like a Spock Star

This is it the grand daddy of all Star Trek conventions and this is Trekcast the Star Trek Podcasts coverage from all over the COOOONNNN!!!.  So join as we party like Spock stars at our meet ups with DVDGeeks,, and

It all started Wednesday with our first meet up at the Spacequest casino (thanks to all those that came you are awesome). Then continued on Thursday with the party for Days Missing at Body English, and Rod definitely knows how to throw a party. Then on Friday we had a screening of Star Trek and we sold out the theater with and the USS Las Vegas crew we also gave away a bunch of great swag courtesy of Paramount and Bad Robot. Then Saturday was just a mellow night (yeah right) there was a Warp Core Breach party up in the suites. And on the final night a Star Trek The Experience reunion which was an amazing night for all us ex cast members.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to all of our events we had a blast so enjoy this wild ride that we are about to take you on and just remember that copious amounts of Romulan Ale were had by all this week and we all know what effect Romulan Ale has on us humans.

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