Trekcast Supplemental 27:Bread and Circuses

Hello Trekcaster's, sounds good I think maybe Trekcaster's will become a whole sub-genre of Star Trek (what do you think?) and if your at Comic-Con dont forget to let the rest of the world know how much you love Trekcast, if you show us some Comic-Con love maybe we will return the favor by showering you in Trekcast love. This week we continue to bring you our listeners more of your thoughts and voices via sub-space signals and hailing frequencies (keep them coming we love them) where we here what you have to say whats happening in the Star Trek universe as well as the Trekcast universe.

Also just so you know we will be having a meet up for Trekcast and DVDGeeks coming soon on the Wednesday before the big Star Trek convention here in Las Vegas at the Spacequest casino and we look forward to meeting you all (additional details to follow).

Thanks again for joining us for this episode of the supplemental, from your humble team of geeks and remember we always love those generous subscribers (whom also receive our Trekcast commentaries) as well as those five star reviews on itunes, keep them coming we love them, and remember Romulan Ale is still legal in the 21st century so go on and get some.