Trekcast Supplemental 22: Beam your heart out

Hello and welcome to the next Trekcast Sci-Fi Supplemental, the supplemental is quickly becoming the place where Trekkies can be heard with our great segments including Hailing Frequencies (Skype calls, our skype name is Trekcast by the way), Subspace Signals (Emails) and an all new What's what with Brandy T. . We get so many great comments and calls from you guys and gals that we wanted to bring as many as possible to you because we love hearing anything and everything you are listeners have to say about Star Trek and whatever aspects of it including, toys, books, comics, fan films, DVD's, trivia, what are the names of Alicia and Davids pets you name it whatever you'd like to discuss. So keep them coming and remember to subscribe on iTunes leave some of those 5 star reviews that we love so much, subscribe on our site, and sign up for our Trekcast forums so you can be a member of our Community. Thanks again for listening and remember Live, Long, and Prosper and we will see you next week for the next episode of Trekcast

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