Trekcast Supplement 23: Andorian In the Bowl

Hey Choo!! (had to do it @super_spock) Ready for another action packed exciting episode of the Sci-Fi supplemental where you our listeners provide the dilithiumthat powers Trekcast we answer your Hailing Frequencies as well as respond to your Subspace Signals, which by the way are your Skype call-ins and emails if you didn't know keep them coming see if you can stump us or just let us now your views on whatever it is you'd like to here about in the wide universe that is Star Trek. Alos you have heard us talking to our friend Dayton Ward on the show a couple times, well you can meet him and his writing partner Kevin Dilmore this weekend at the Trek Exposo get down there if your in the area tell them Trekcast says hi!

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