Trekcast Supplement 21: Nerd Beards

Welcome back for the next episode of the Sci-FI Supplemental where we answer some of your subspace signals (emails) and find out what kind of great Star Trek stuff you want to here about including these fun topics. What Star Trek: Enterprise books should you start with? Is Captain Jean Luc Picard French or British? Why is it the doors on starships only open at the proper moment? All those and more, and just remember that we do love those email so keep them coming.

Then we also have an all new segment by our forums administrator Romulan Ale, he is going to be updating all of us on the great conversations going on over at the Trekcast forums and if you haven't already get over there and sign up already.

Also since this is a supplemental we might as well talk about some other things in sci-fi including all the new genre films coming up including District 9, Transformers 2, Avatar, and even a new Star Blazers anime in Japan.

Thanks again for listening and thanks to everyone who has subscribed and donated to the Trekcast cause we appreciate it and don't forget we love those five star reviews on iTunes, alright now its times for some Klingon blood wine have a great day.

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