Trekcast Sci-fi Supplement7: I’ll have a Scotch and email

Trekcast Sci-fi Supplement7: I'll have a Scotch and email

Welcome to our latest supplement Happy belated B-day to James Doohan (03/03) and Jolene Blalock (03/05). We also want to welcome Alicia (Yay!) to the show and we get to your e-mails finally (we appreciate them). We also want to welcome Jerad Formby ex Ferengi and superstar blogger to our team of geeks check out his new weekly blog, its awesome! David finally dips his toes into the Voyager holopool and will be updating us regularly on his thoughts about Star Trek: Voyager. And of course it wouldn't be Trekcast if we didn't update you on all the latest rumors and news about the upcoming Star Trek XI, will there be a cameo by some of the TNG crew in the new movie? Maybe we'll find out when we see the all new Star Trek trailer at sceenings of Watchmen this weekend.

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