Trekcast Sci-fi Supplement 13: Warm my cockles

Hello and welcome to an all new Trekcast Supplement, this week we jump right into it with some Trek toy talk (I found some of the Playmates Star Trek toys a couple days before there release). Then we jump right into the subspace signals and answer your emails as best as we can including the who played the Cardassian computer voice and is there a Klingon Borg in First Contact keep them coming we love them. Then of course we provide you the latest Star Trek 09 news including the official site is updated with some great new content, and also you need to check out Star Trek Online with all there new content including the latest Path to 2409. Hey and if your in Las Vegas this weekend meet us at Xanadua sci-fi convention being held at the Plaza hotel we would love to see you there with our all new Trekcast t-shirts (buy them, buy them now). One last thing we will be announcing our contest with DVDGeeks next episode so tune in for a great contest, there will be PRIZES

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