Trekcast Episode 67: Wrath of con II

Wow its already been a year since we all partied like Spock Stars, well this year is no different so get ready to hear this years Trekcast coverage of the 2010 Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. And for the record I just want to say this isn't for the faint of heart everyone knows that the Trekcast crew has been known to enjoy a Warp Core Breach and even a couple Romulan Ales, well this year we threw all that out the door and went a little nuts.

We decided this year to focus on some of Star Treks fans, our partners in Trek over at Subspace Comms, and even some of our listeners so we hope you enjoy our Khaan! coverage and now we invite you to grab some Klingon Blood Wine or whatever it is you humans enjoy and listen to episode 67 Trekcast: The Wrath Connn!!!!!

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