Trekcast Episode 63: Casino Royale

Welcome to Trekcast episode 63, this week on Trekcast the Star Trek podcast its all about the away mission. This week David and myself decided to embibe in all things Las Vegas, and enjoy some Plasma Disruptions while at the Spacequest casino in the Las Vegas Hilton.

So this week we discuss the upcoming Vegas Star Trek Khannn!!! (get you Kahn t-shirt at the link) and also the upcoming Auction at the Planet Hollywood casino and hotel featuring all kinds of cool Trek collectibles from the new movie as well as items from the Roddenberry estate and is benefiting various charities. I also had the chance to lay the Star Trek: The Experience to rest last week I was a pallbearer for the Voyager and Enterprise Refit and what was left of the Enterprise D. We loaded them on truck for a trek to L.A. that will hopefully see them restored for all to see. We also talk about the upcoming Star Trek Phase II episode and some cool Sci-Fi home theatres.

We are also having a little contest this week with some giveaways courtesy of and Mayhem comics. Make sure you check those guys out and thank you for the prizes. Just listen to the episode send us the answers to our 2 questions and the first 10 correct emails we receive will win a Trekcast prize pack.

Thanks once again for joining us this week on Trekcast well be back soon, and thanks you so much for all the great reviews on iTunes and also to all of our subscribers we really appreciate you.

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