Trekcast Episode 62: Elitist Jerks?

Hello and welcome to the next episode of  Trekcast the Star Trek podcast, we are back with episode 62 and this week we talk about all things geek and of course Star Trek.  This week we get you all updated on what's been going on in our humble lives as well as what is going on in our Star Trek world including the Star Trek: The Experience Sale that happened here in Las Vegas (don't worry if you didn't make it there will be an auction during the big Convention) check out Vernons videos of the event here and the RJ article here. Of course there is also those things that are becoming Trekcast staples including our fleet update from Star Trek Online, come join us on "Yes KIll I" the best fleet in the game. Also Damon brings his signature style to Trek trivia and speaking of Damon look for him on STO D'Mun@DamonS23 you can also find me Gavin@Quarksbartender.

In Star Trek news we talk about the new documentary film coming soon from Eugene Roddenberry Trek Nation, we also talk about the convention season that is ahead of us including Star Fest that just passed last weekend, and of  course we have to talk about Apples obvious Star Trek PADD ripoff the iPAd and some of the cool apps that will be coming out for that.

Then in our topic this week we discuss what kind of nerd or geek are you, me I think we've discussed it before I consider myself a stud/geek hybrid.  Let us know what kind of nerd or geek you are .

Well that's it for this fine episode of Trekcast thanks for tuning in and let us talk your Vulcan ears off well back soon for some more Trekcast goodness soon.  And as always remember we love those reviews on iTunes and we really do appreciate all of your donations and thoughts via subspace signals.

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