Trekcast Episode 54: Nip Tucker

Hello and welcome to episode 54 of Trekcast the Star Trek podcast oh, and of course merry whatever it is you celebrate we like to celebrate Trekmas here in the Trekcast studio.

This week on Trekcast we are visited by the ghost of Star Trek past David and I discuss the past decade and what it entailed for our beloved franchise. We also read some of your emails in subspace signals (keep em coming we love em) then of course Damon provides some of his Trek trivia. Also stick around at the end of the episode is an all new Hey Star Trek featuring Trekeneezer Scrooge, wonder what he thinks of the new Star Trek film.

Thanks once again for listening, and for writing those great five star reviews on iTunes, and as always we really appreciate our subscribers, and those that have made very generous donations to us here at Trekcast. For those of you that cant get enough Star Trek and would love more Trekcast you can follow all of us on Twitter as well, find me at @Quarksbartender, David is @Trekcast and Jerad is @Super_spock where we post some good fun Star Trek stuff from time to time, and have yourselves a very merry Trekmas.

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