Trekcast Episode 52: Duet

Hello Trekcasters, and welcome to the next great episode of Trekcast the Star Trek Podcast this week we continue our best of Star Trek series. This time we move onto Deep Space Nine and seeing as how we love all things DS9 we have been looking forward to this one. So we have chosen Duet as our first best episode of DS9, we do have lots of love for Tosk in Captive Pursuit but we felt this episode was a little stronger. Joining us for this episode of Trekcast and to help us out for Best of Trek is former Star Trek: The Experience cast member and Las Vegas's Sci-Fi Examiner, Kerstan Szczepanski.

This episode of Trekcast is also followed by some more of the great audio Hey Star Trek presented by our blogger Jerad Formby, and his take on Captain Janeway and the starship Voyager (or was that Cowgirl Janeway).

Thanks again for listening, writing those five star reviews on iTunes, and as always we really appreciate our subscribers, and those that have made very generous donations. Also for those of you that cant get enough Star Trek and would love more Trekcast you can follow all of us on Twitter as well, find me at @Quarksbartender, David is @Trekcast and Jerad is @Super_spock.

P.S. Happy Birthday to the Star Trek films your officially 30 today, can you believe it Star Trek: The Motion Picture picture came out 30 years ago, and you know what, they are still going strong here's to another 30.

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