Trekcast Episode 51: Shadows of the Past

Hello and welcome once again to another episode of the best darn Star Trek podcast in any quadrant Trekcast, and that even includes the delta quadrant. We are also joined this week by our humble and fantastic blogger also the audio tour de Star Trek force that is "Hey Star Trek" Jerad Formby. So yes its true this week we are going to bring you an all new episode of Trekcasts "Create Your Own Star Trek Adventure" and if you caught my earlier hint we are creating an all new episode of Star Trek Voyager on the fly, yes its true we do these create your own adventures without any pre production at all we just dig in and go, and we hope you love listening as much as we love putting these episodes of Trekcast together.

We would also like to let all of you know that the grat group of people over at DVDGeeks are teaming up with us again on another great giveaway soon so get on over there and listen this week as they will be doing a great episode with our friend Larry Nemecek all about the new release of Star Trek on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Thanks again for listening, writing those five star reviews on iTunes, and as always we really appreciate our subscribers, and those that have made very generous donations. Also for those of you that cant get enough Star Trek and would love more Trekcast you can follow all of us on Twitter as well, find me at @Quarksbartender, David is @Trekcast and Jerad is @Super_spock.

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