Trekcast Episode 50: Trekcast Five-O

Hello and welcome to the 50th episode of Trekcast the Star Trek podcast. This week on Trekcast we delve into a topic that may be overly fan boyish but its one we've wanted to do for quite a while David, Alicia and I create our Dream Team for a Star Trek crew. We hope you enjoy our selections and of course we would love to hear your suggestions as well.

Also in this weeks episode it wouldn't be Trekcast if we didn't answer some of your great Subspace Signals as well, we also have some great new trivia from our friend Damon and even an all new Whats what with Brandy T for your listening pleasure

Well we hope you enjoy this episode of the number 1 rated Star Trek podcast and hope you will join us for next weeks episode, and remember we love all our subscribers so if your feeling generous please feel free to help us out and subscribe or make a donation to your Trekcast crew. And as always we appreciate all of the 5 star reviews we get on iTunes, and don't forget to visit the Trekcast forums and sign up let us know what kind of stuff you would like to see on upcoming episodes of Trekcast.

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