Trekcast Episode 47: Forty Seven?!

Welcome to episode number 47 of Trekcast THE Star Trek Podcast this week we have a special guest joining us in the Trekcast studios Vernon Wilmer we also discuss the number 47 used throughout Trek, as well as an all new Hey Star Trek!

Vernon Wilmer joins us today to to discuss his all new episode of Star Trek: My Experience coming soon watch it here this is the third volume of his documentary on all things Star Trek: The Experience so if you have ever gone and want to remember all the great times you had there or maybe are just curious about what you may have missed check it out it is comprehensive to say the least.

Next up this is the 47th episode of Trekcast we discuss all things 47, the number 47 has a peculiar way of popping up all over Star Trek maybe you have noticed maybe not but now Trekcast is here to let you know about the 47 conspiracy.

Then of course we have the audio version of Hey Star Trek brought to you via Trekcast from the mind of our blogger Jerad Formby. Alicia also joins us once again for Subspace Signals where we answer your questions or thoughts via email.

That about covers it for this weeks Trekcast thanks once again for joining us for episode 47 we appreciate everyone one of you for listening to our labor of love, and thanks as always for all of you who have donated to or subscribed to Trekcast, or have taken the time to write us some of those fantastic 5 star reviews on itunes. Also don't forget to clear your calenders for late April next year for the first annual Trekcast Starfleet march hear in Las Vegas lets make it a blast for everyone.

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