Trekcast Episode 46: Best of Trek “The Measure of a Man”

Alright all you Hu-Monns welcome to this weeks out of this world episode of Trekcast the Star Trek Podcast the number 1 rated Star Trek Podcast thanks to all of you.

This week we have a very special guest with us via subspace Mr. Larry Nemecekhe has been involved with Star Trek in numerous ways over the years and I can say he is definitely an expert on all aspects of Trek he did wrikte the TNG Companion after all. He joins us to promote his all new website which is full of some pretty cool stuff check it out.

Larry also joins us for our next installment of "Best of Trek" our episode reviews of some of what we consider to be the very best episodes of Star Trek. This time we review the second season episode of TNG The Measure of a Man and in our humble opinion the best scripted TNG episode up to that point.

If all that wasn't enough for you we keep it coming at you with the next installment of audio Hey Star Trek by none other than our favorite Star Trek blogger Jerad Formby this week its all about Harve Bennett.

Thanks again for listening to our latest epiosde and remember we love all those 5 star reviews on itunes keep them coming and we also really appreciate all those donations and we still have a couple Trekcast shirts left so if you were on the fences better get out there and order one now before they are all gone.

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