Trekcast Episode 43: One year old!

Hello all and welcome to our next exciting episode of Trekcast the Star Trek podcast we are back, Doctor Phlox has found a cure for the Borg Nanoprobes that were giving David such a hard time he is still recovering but on the road to a complete recovery.

This week we celebrated a little thing the one year anniversary of Trekcast can you believe it has been a whole year since David Ivy and Jason Voss started up this, the best Star Trek podcast around so wont you join us as we give you our take on this last year as we review some of our highest points of the year. Who doesn't remember some of the great moments of the last year including V'Qha and my butt hole in your face, the release of that little film this year Star Trek, and of course the passing of a couple great people this year Majel Barrett Roddenberry and Ricardo Montalban.

So that's a wrap from Trekcast's year in review we will be back next week for another great episode in the meantime remember that Chairman Koval from the Tal Shiar loves those five star reviews on iTunes, it gets him praise from his higher-ups and of course we appreciate all of you our listeners so Live, Long, and Prosper.

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