Trekcast Episode 40: Romance is for solids

Welcome to this weeks episode of Trekcast the Star Trek Podcast the number 1 Star Trek podcast to listen to while enjoying a nice glass of Klingon Warnog Ale or maybe you drink it from a metal cup if you really are Klingon.

This week, we here at Trekcast take our charities serious so we are starting up a new charity lets find a home for all the displaced Vulcan's they did lose there planet this year (anybody watch that Star Trek movie this summer).

Well now that we are doing our part to find the Vulcan's a new planet we get onto the Topic of the week via one of our regular listeners Stu Cooper thanks for that, and the topic is (drum-roll please) Star Trek romances we talk about all the romances serious and not so serious and even ponder the potential of some romances that we didn't get to see on Trek. We even delve into the bromance who doesn't believe that O'Brien and Bashir didn't have the greatest in all the Trek series.

Thanks for joining us once again for this our 40th episode of Trekcast well be back later in the week for the Trekcast Supplemental where we answer all your burning Star Trek and Trekcast questions.