Trekcast Episode 38: Salt of the Earth

Hello and welcome to the next fantastic episode of Trekcast the Star Trek Podcast this week is the mother of all Star Trek conventions here in Las Vegas, Nevada and we talk about some of our upcoming events including our Trekcast meet-up with DVDGeeks and Trekmovie on Wednesday, August 5th at 9pm at the Spacequest casino at the Las Vegas Hilton. We will be attending a special screening of Star Trek (come see it one last time with a bunch of fellow Trekkies) on Friday, August 7th at 9:55 at at the Tropicana theater. Also we have one more very special event a Star Trek: The Experience cast reunion (come say hello to some of your old friends) at the Spacequest Casino in the Las Vegas Hilton on Sunday, August 9th at 7pm so come celebrate with all of us from Trekcast, DVDGeeks and Trekmovie. These events are all going to be a blast so make sure you come on by and say hello we would love to meet everyone.

If all that info wasn't enough for you we also have a special interview with Anthony Pascale from we pick his brain about all things Trek including what its like running such a great Star Trek site as well as giving us a great exclusive and if your wondering what that might be just look at the picture above of that lovely creature from M 113. So sit back relax grab a nice glass of Kanar and enjoy this weeks episode of Trekcast the Star Trek Podcast, oh and cant wait to see you all at the convention.

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