Trekcast Episode 36: The Wrath of Con-vention

Alright so this week since Comic-Con in San Diego is this weekend and the big Las Vegas Star Trek Con is quickly approaching we have decided to talk about some Convention goodies, and we are joined in this endeavor by our good friend Dayton Ward (author of Star Trek Vanguard: Open Secrets) who shares with us some of his convention experiences from Trek Expo and Shore Leave this year. Dayton also lets us know whats coming up next year for the Star Trek novels.

We also talk about some of the great goodies you can find at Comic-Con this year including Tribbles at the Paramount booth Genki Wear has an exclusive KHAAANNN!!!! cologne and Funko has a really cool Spock bobble head so if you happen to be at the San Diego Comic -Con this weekend pick some of these up.

Also in non Convention related news Romulan Ale is back and you can purchase it at BevMo get some its great stuff, the team of geeks knows we have experienced it many a time. Well thanks again for joining us for our COOONNN!!! episode of Trekcast look for more coming soon we will be covering the Las Vegas Star Trek convention as well as partying it up with DVDGeeks at the Spacequest casino so if your coming to Vegas we hope to meet up with you guys, gals, and um of course Klingons.

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