Trekcast Episode 24: Do you believe in magic?

Here we go our first away mission it begins at Neonopolis and winds up at Xanadu Las Vegas. but first the obligatory Star Trek: The Experience update click here for that. Then we make our way into the convention and run into a wild pack of Anime-maids. So we continue with our fun segments Klingon word of the day which is Hegh'bat and, What's what with Brandi T. look he she ran into. Then we continue into the convention a run into a gentleman that makes fine Star Trek costumes, and The Interloper oh man, what a meeting. In Star Trek movie news this week a couple cool things, Playstaton Home gets Trekkified, Michael Giacchino's Star Trek score snippets online, and the Starfleet Academy training game, pretty exciting stuff. Lastly keep tuned to Trekcast and DVDGeeksfor a great Star Trek giveaway more details soon. Thanks for listening and remember we love those emails and reviews on iTunes so keep them coming and Live, long, and prosper.

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