Trekcast Episode 23: Odo Ointment

Well here we are again another great episode of Trekcast is here and unleashed on the internet for you fine folk's to enjoy. This week we bring you part 2 of our exclusive interview with author of many great Star Trek novels (Star Trek Vanguard: Open Secrets) Dayton Ward, check out the links for his novels and to find out what makes Dayton tick. We talk about anything and everything Trek including wether or not we think this new Star Trek film will be canon, and if you've ever wanted to be animated check out Star Trek: The Animated Series. Then get ready for an all new segment on Trekcast we want you to learn the finest language in the alpha quadrant so we bring you the Klingon word of the day. Then in this weeks topic we welcome Jerad Formby aka. Coin to talk about his blog here at Trekcast, Hey Star Trek (if you havent read it yet, go now you need to it's awesome). And of course (buy your command) we give you our Star Trek: The Experience update. Well I guess its time to say goodbye for this weeks Trekcast so live long and prosper everyone, Thanks.

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