Trekcast Episode 21: 3 of 6 and 12oz. of rum

Here it is the next great episode of Trekcast this week we continue our alien interviews with 3 of 6 (aka Micheal Hartnett) one of the floor characters you may remember from Star Trek: The Experience. Also later in the episode a special announcement on Trekcast we introduce you to The Intergalactic Bartender with Lisa Gezci, more on that later. We open this episode up discussing of all thing's McDonalds Happy Meals from Star Trek TMP and Diamond selects Mego TOS playsets , then we move into all things 3 of 6 we even find out where is his human name originated. Then of course we catch up with Michael you can see him at the Freemont Street Experience and Bonkerz Comedy Club (with previous guest Paul Mattiningly). Now on to the The Intergalactic Bartender if you have ever wanted to make out of this world drinks in your own home this is the site to visit for all your recipe and glassware needs. Then Lisa entertains all our Star Trek wedding questions. Well that's all this time around you get all this great content as we finish off a Warp Core aka. Security Breach WooHoo!! Oh and since we missed it Happy belated 78th Birthday to Leonard (Spock) Nimoy, I'm sure he would find that logical.

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