Trekcast Episode 20: The Love Borg!

This week on Trekcast David gets down (falling down the stairs Ouch!!!) and has to call in the E.M.H. then of course we get right down to the Trekcast business of doing what we do best talk Trek. We bring you a mini review of Star Trek: TMP. Then in these weeks topic we talk about What If, what would you like to see in Star Trek that didnt happen or they never produced on the series for example IDW's mini series The Last Generation. This week we also have a bonus topic collecting, we discuss our favorite items that we have obtained over the years, with special guest Gerry, whats in your collection? Well that's it for this instalment of Trekcast and please don't forget to tell your friends, subscribe on iTunes, write those reviews and sign up for the Trekcast forum's so we know what you would love to here on future episode's of Trekcast or maybe just say hi. Oh man how could I forget Happy Birthday to the Shat (William Shatner) have some cake for us Bill

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