Treckcast Episode31: Lines of Communication

Jolan'tru everyone welcome to the next episode of Trekcast where we we find out, wait for it, David says he is going to watch Voyager! Yep he said it and I am going to hold him to it you guys out there give me a hand alright, Thanks.

Then we also have a new segment called Hailing Frequencies where you our listeners get to voice your opinions on whatever topic you may be thinking of let us know we want to here it, also Romulan Ale gives us a Trekcast forum update (if you haven't signed up yet get to it) and lets us know all about whats going over there at the forums.

After all that we are joined by our buddy Chris Wood who runs a great Star Trek news site Subspace Communique and we do what Trekcast does best just geek out over Star Trek. Oh and by the way they didn't make it into the show but we wanted to wish our good friend Dayton Ward a Happy belated Birthday as well as Karl Urban Happy Birthday you guys.

So thanks once again for listening and thanks for all those great 5 star reviews on iTunes we appreciate them. Keep those subspace signals coming and now if you would like to leave us some fun exciting messages on Skype just look up Trekcast and we may play them on the show and we will see you all for the next episode of the supplemental.