Show X - Episode 288 - Wayne's Busy Life

Wayne and Ken are back on the air together after Wayne's couple of weeks off. Ken says he hasn't been up to much, Wayne on the other hand has been doing all kinds of things. Wayne's martial arts group demoed at a Japanese festival, then Wayne traveled across the wide plains of Kansas to hit up the anime convention, Naka-Kon. He shares many photos as he describes his adventures. Not only did he go to an anime convention, he also attended the final AnomalyCon just before the show. Ken tells us stories of learning foreign languages.
In Geek Cred, Ken has been playing Rim World and is no longer using Snapchat. Wayne had to rebuild his computer due to a power failure. After ressurection he finished up his achievements for a mount in Heroes of the Storm. Wayne also played some Mass Effect and Halo Wars 2. Ken is struggling with the uncanny valley.

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