S04 E08: BYOscarB

Because we cannot seem to get on the same page, tonight is a Bring Your Own Beer episode! And we are going to review our Oscar picks.

To The Pint!

Jeremy - Homebrew Octoberfest Lager
Not a beer I would buy, but it's OK. I'll drink it. 3/10Jeremy - Baby Daddy Session IPA from SpeakeasyMuch better. Nice IPA profile, but without the booze kick. 7/10Keith - Midnight Sun from Ithaca Beer CoBitter finish, but more from chocolate malt than from hops. Very drinkable. 8/10Rob - Samuel Adams Downtime PilsnerClean and crisp, a little bitter at the finish. Very good. 7/10Gary - Upslope Brewing Imperial IPA Super delicious Imperial IPA. Dank, sticky, great mouthfeel. 9/10

Pint Taken

Oscar pick reviews. We picked our winners a few episodes back. How did we do?7/23 - Jeremy8/23 - Keith9/23 - PNR Show11/23 - Gary13/23 - RobSpecial Awards:
Han Solo Award (only person to get a pick right)Jeremy: 0Keith: 1Gary: 2Rob: 3Clueless Crown - person with the most picks incorrect, but everyone else got itJeremy: 0Rob: 0Keith: 1Gary: 2The Left Fielders: movies we picked with no idea what they wereJeremy: 0Keith/Gary/Rob: 2All In Award: All of us picked rightCity of Stars (La La Land)Best Director (La La Land)Emma Stone, Best Actress (La La Land)Titanic Award: We all picked the wrong oneadapted screenplaylive action short filmmakeup and hair stylingbest supporting actressbest pictureCoin Flippers: Missed on a coin tossoriginal screenplaybest visual effectssound mixingbest documentary

Half Pints

Jeremy - Nightgate, a game for iOS
Gary - Goorin Bros. Hats - put something cool on your headGary - Upslope Brewing - producing some great craft beer in ColoradoGary - Lion, the movie with the awesome soundtrackKeith - I got nothin'Rob - Arrival, movie about the arrival of aliensRob - Skyrim, video gameRob - Twilight Struggle board game

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