NC #618 Atlantic on Specific Musical Anhedonia, DTNS Women in Tech, Printers are Jerks, D-Link Omna Cam, Second Site Argus Prosthetic Eye

We'll have one more NosillaCast before we go off on our grand adventure to the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu, and while we're gone please send in some audio reviews for Allister and Bart (email addresses in the show notes. I brag shamelessly about an article in the Atlantic about me and other people with specific musical anhedonia. I was on the Daily Tech News Show at a href="" target="_blank" rel="no opener">DTNS #2984 entitled "Fintech != fish" talking about what it was like to be a woman in engineering and tech for 35 years. I'll tell a tale of how Bart and I cracked the code on my jerk of a printer using our knowledge of subnets and such, then I'll tell you about the first HomeKit compatible indoor security camera, the D-Link OmnaHD. Then we'll hear about a prosthetic implant that allows people with retinal degradation to see crude shapes, the Argus from Second Sight.