Coverville 1165: The Chuck Berry Tribute

Paying tribute to a legend of Rock 'n' Roll, who passed away last weekend, but left behind a fantastic music catalog, just ripe for the coverin'! (57 minutes)

Featuring Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy Johnny B. Goode The Spiders 2:45 Big Lizard Stomp! Teen Trash From Psychedelic Tokyo '66 - '69 (Volume 2) Chuck Berry 7 Amazon Bye Bye Johnny hooyoosay 2:16 In dekay Chuck Berry iTunes Brown-Eyed Handsome Man Neko Case 2:01 Hard Headed Woman: A Celebration of Wanda Jackson Chuck Berry Amazon Southern Belle The Refreshments 3:28 Let It Rock: The Chuck Berry Tribute Chuck Berry Amazon You Never Can Tell Buster Shuffle 2:05 You Never Can Tell - Single Chuck Berry iTunes Amazon Let It Rock Jeff Lynne 1:52 Long Wave Chuck Berry 2 iTunes Amazon You Can't Catch Me John Lennon 4:52 Rock 'n' Roll Chuck Berry iTunes Amazon Maybelline Foghat 3:36 Covered By Foghat Chuck Berry Amazon Roll Over Beethoven The Punkles 1:33 The Punkles / 1998-2003 Chuck Berry 3 iTunes Rock 'n' Roll Music Red Elvises 2:43 Surfing In Siberia Chuck Berry iTunes Amazon Memphis Tennessee Silicon Teens 2:23 Music For Parties Chuck Berry Amazon School Day (Ring, Ring Goes The Bell) Bob Court's Skiffle Group 1:54 Legends of Skiffle, Vol. 2 Chuck Berry Amazon No Particular Place to Go Guana Batz 2:32 Original Albums and Peel Sessions Collection Chuck Berry 3 iTunes Amazon Let Me Rock The Fevers 3:25 Love Always Wins Chuck Berry 2 Amazon Nadine Stan Ridgway 3:26 The Big Heat Chuck Berry 3 iTunes Amazon Sweet Little Rock-n-Roller Automatic 7 2:23 Oldies But Goodies! Chuck Berry Amazon