Coverville 1164: Cover Stories for The Smashing Pumpkins and The Prodigy

Yes, had to check - BOTH band names begin with "The", unlike Talking Heads and Foo Fighters. You know what else they have in common? Founders who are turning 50: Billy Corgan and Keith Palmer! (79 minutes)

Featuring Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy 1979 Lismore 4:50 Single Smashing Pumpkins 5 Disarm The Civil Wars 4:32 Daytrotter Studio 8/9/2011 Smashing Pumpkins 5 Artist's Website Today Willamette Stone 2:42 If I Stay - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Smashing Pumpkins 6 Amazon Isolation Starchildren 3:49 A Means To An End The Music Of Joy Division Joy Division Amazon Bullet With Butterfly Wings Tribe Society 4:19 SoundCloud Smashing Pumpkins 5 Soundcloud Cherub Rock Razed In Black 4:59 Goth on Goth Smashing Pumpkins 3 Amazon Signal To Noise The Most Dangerous Race 4:30 Spin Magazine's/MySpace: Tribute To Smashing Pumpkins Smashing Pumpkins 2 All Day and All of the Night / Destroyer Ray Davies & Billy Corgan 3:56 See My Friends Kinks 2 iTunes Amazon To Sheila Huntingfield 4:34 Uncovering a Cure Smashing Pumpkins Tonight, Tonight Bernhard Eder 3:30 Death To The 90s Smashing Pumpkins 5 Amazon Love Is A Battlefield Billy Corgan 4:41 Official Spun Soundtrack Pat Benatar 4 Perfect The Myriad 3:28 With Arrows, With Poise (bonus track edition) Smashing Pumpkins Amazon Galapogos Natalie Walker 4:29 Spark Smashing Pumpkins iTunes Amazon Firestarter Torre Florim (from DE STAAT) 3:36 Acoustic Dance Sessions Prodigy 4 Amazon Ghost Town The Prodigy 4:28 Ministry of Sound: Uncovered Specials/Fun Boy Three 3 Amazon Prodigy Medley Ali McGregor 3:15 Alchemy Prodigy iTunes Amazon