Coverville 1162: Bon Jovi and Coldplay Cover Stories

Birthday tributes for Jon Bon Jovi (55) and Chris Martin (40), who are from the bands Coldplay and Bon Jovi, in no particular order. Know which is which? Hints during this episode! (93 minutes)

Featuring Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy Living On a Prayer Taryn Southern 3:07 Flashback Friday Bon Jovi 2 iTunes It's My Life Zille & Mike 3:16 Rock 'n' Pop Meets Rock 'n' Roll Bon Jovi 3 Amazon Wanted Dead Or Alive Lucky Uke 3:39 Sunburn Bon Jovi 5 Amazon You Give Love A Bad Name Malibu Shark Attack! 2:31 Guilt By Association Vol 3 Bon Jovi 9 Amazon Clocks 2cellos (Sulic & Hauser) Featuring Lang Lang 5:38 In2ition Coldplay 7 Amazon Fix You Ruth 3:34 The Covers EP Coldplay 8 iTunes Amazon Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall Robyn 3:41 BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge Vol. 6 Coldplay 2 Amazon Paradise ortoPilot 3:53 Covers Album Vol. 10 | 2011 Advent Calendar Coldplay 3 Amazon Yellow Petra Haden and Bill Frisell 4:39 Petra Haden and Bill Frisell Coldplay 7 Amazon Trouble Ben Forster 4:32 Acoustic Covers Coldplay 2 iTunes Amazon Hurts Like Heaven Shearwater 4:39 Fellow Travelers Coldplay iTunes Amazon Everybody's Happy Nowadays Ash feat. Chris Martin 3:27 Shaun of the Dead - Music from the Motion Picture Buzzcocks 2 Amazon A Sky Full of Stars Karizma Duo 3:36 Acoustic Pop 2016 Coldplay Amazon In My Place Erin Boheme 3:09 What A Life Coldplay iTunes Amazon Viva La Vida Joy Electric 4:04 Favorites At Play Coldplay 9 iTunes Amazon The Scientist Jenny & Tyler 5:13 For Freedom - A Covers Coldplay 8 Amazon Politik Fork 5:53 Cover to Cover Coldplay Violet Hill Pendulum 5:01 BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge Vol. 3 Coldplay Amazon You Only Live Twice Coldplay 4:17 live @ Glastonbury 2000 Nancy Sinatra/James Bond 10