BNN #30 - Convert to Raid presents: All About the Loot!

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Gizmo (Lords of the Storm), Sharku (Adults with Jobs), and Tattva (Line of Sight Gaming) join the crew this week to talk about WoW and more!

4:55 - Discussion: Alts
14:00 - Discussion: Raider Fatigue, Loot Rewards and more
29:15 - Legion Q&A: Itemization (and how it fits with previous discussion)
38:30 - New Artifact Appearance for Patch 7.2 might not be easy to get!
46:00 - Tank balance in Nighthold
56:10 - Blizzard vs. Bossland
58:00 - Overwatch: Orisa goes live!
1:02:40 - Heroes of the Storm: For Azeroth event extended and more!
1:08:00 - Quick Hearthstone Update
1:08:45 - Patch 2.5 went live for consoles
1:15:45 - Outro

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