ATGN 149 - Daylight Savings Is Dumb

Naki might not have been able to join Chris and Anthony today, but that's no problem as we bring in 2 guest hosts.  Cody from Unqualified Gamers ( and Jeannie from Tyrion's Landing ( are here to talk the nerdy news of the week.

Before we get into the news we take a random sidestep into the world of pro wrestling.  Sidenote, if you want a pro wrestling podcast on the Gonna Geek Network let us know.  After the wrestling talk we run down news like the Ultimate Marvel Movie Marathon, the return of Rock Band, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans paying up their Super Bowl bets, some news about HBO Now, and more.  Its a news filled show with plenty of random asides.

For a full rundown of the news check out our shownotes:

Before we wrap things up, don't forget the new contest to create your own superhero or supervillains.  The best characters will receive a trade paperback.  The character chosen to be the favorite overall will be drawn by Anthony for the creator.  That's right you could get a Bachman original piece of art.  Enter your submissions here:

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