ATGN 019 - The Best of ATGN

Hey folks, we aren't recording live this week but we did want to make sure there was an episode released for your listening pleasure.  This week we present the Best Of All Things Good And Nerdy.

This show will revisit some of our past rumble pits, funniest discussions, and strangest off topic rants over the last 19 episodes of the show.

Our Hosts: Naki: @1nerdycupcake or

Adahy: @theadahy or

Chris: @RoundTableNerds or

Make sure you continue to contact us via Twitter (@ATGNPodcast) Facebook ( or YouTube us. It doesn't matter what method you use, we just want to hear from you!  Don't forget next week in the Rumble Pit we put Mega Man up against Robocop.  Let us know who wins!

We would like to continue with Question the Crew and we need YOUR ideas for The Vault! Thanks for tuning in, and we'll see you next week at 11am Eastern/10am Central!