ATGN 011 - F!@# You Thunder

This week on All Things Good and Nerdy:

Our cast gives a big shout out thank you to the Stitcher app for featuring us New and Noteworthy Podcast. Thank You Stitcher!

Our guest host this week was Ryan Numerich, writer of @Plus2Cents and Tabletop Champion. He's a returning guest host, and now writer of the future ATGN drinking game. Thanks for joining us again Ryan, and we'll have a special edition Friday Night Drinking Game show in your honor!

We have giveaways this week, some Pokemon Treehouse codes for Pokemon Black and White and Exclusive Trading Cards! If you are one of the first 8 people this week to tweet @ATGNPodcast "I gotta catch them all!" you can win! If you keep watching, we'll have other fun giveaways…like certain games…that have Bat…men.

Our first Rumble Pit was Marcus Fenix vs Master Chief. Naki won out in her battle for Gearheads everywhere, arguing that Lancer's chainsaw would defeat Halo's Master Chief, with Ryan's backup that Melee in Halo is crap, along with the cover technique of the Gears games, Marcus Fenix won this battle! Next week our Rumble Pit is Indiana Jones (circa Last Crusade) vs. Malcom Reynolds (after Serenity healing) Who would win? Let us know on Twitter! @ATGNPodcast

Our cast is the usual suspects

Chris: @RoundTableNerds

Naki: @1nerdycupcake

Adahy: @TheAdahy

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