All Things Good And Nerdy 006 - We Play For Keeps

This week sees the premiere of All Things Good And Nerdy Episode 006 - We Play For Keeps.  Want to know where the episode title came from?  I guess you better tune into the podcast!

The panel was all over this week in their discussion and a variety of topics were touched upon.  The show started with the panel addressing the current trend of zero-day DLC and how many companies seem to be embracing this plan in an effort to squeeze a few more dollars out of gamers.  Next up was a discussion of how big comic companies like Marvel and DC have announced upcoming stories revolving around gay characters.  The common consensus is this seems like a cash grab.  If a character is gay that's great, but the companies should focus on telling good stories not publicity.

Next up was a quick review of Men In Black 3 as most of the panel had seen the movie. The consensus was that MIB 3 is a fun summer movie and its worth checking out.  However, its no Avengers.  Continuing the movie trend, the panel took time to make fun of Battleship and its lack of box office success.  Finally, the panel discussed Prometheus and expressed some worries as to how good the movie will be.

To wrap the show up, the panel moved in to talking about video games.  Some of the topics included a rumored Star Fox and Metroid combined game, the current list of games that will be displayed at E3, the record sales of Minecraft, and a conversation on indie game bundles.  Two sites were directly referenced, they were:

Indie Gala -

Indie Game Bundles -

The panel this week consisted of:

The Adahy - or @TheAdahy

Chris - or @RoundTableNerds

Naki - or @1nerdycupcake

This week also featured special guest host Gene.

It was a fun panel this week.  Next week everyone should be back and we'll have another guest host.  Remember if you're interested in guest hosting let us know!

If you only remember one thing from this week's episode, remember that some people just want to cut you.