All Things Good And Nerdy 003 - That’s So Appalachia

This week sees the premiere of All Things Good And Nerdy Episode 003 - That's So Appalachia.  Want to know where the episode title came from?  I guess you better tune into the podcast!

This week we had a few technical difficulties that shortened the podcast.  But that didn't stop us from discussing a variety of topics.  If you saw the Avengers you are in luck because we will discuss it.  If you haven't seen the movie yet all the Avengers coverage is at the end and we clearly state when the spoiler discussion will start.  So you're safe to listen in until then.

The other topics this week included the Elder Scrolls Online, specifically whether it is a good idea, the PS Vita's sagging sales, the soon to release Diablo 3, the hate of Battleship the Movie, and how The Expendables 2 is a movie designed to appeal to men.  Also, we spoke about the new Madden announcers, and the addition of multiplayer to the God of War franchise.  To wrap up the non spoiler discussions the panel went over the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises and talked about the growing readership of digital comics.  After that it was time for the Avengers!

The panel this week consisted of:

The Adahy - or @TheAdahy

Chris - or @RoundTableNerds

This week also featured two special guest hosts as Naki was unavailable.  We had Bob sitting in as well as  Michelle Ealey @michelleealey on Twitter.

It was a fun panel this week.  Next week everyone should be back and we'll have another guest host.

If you only remember one thing from this week's episode, remember that Twilight is just like Mein Kampf.  Yes, I brought that back from last week.

Admin Note: We had some technical difficulties this week, sorry things got a little screwy.  If you have any questions, comments, or advice hit one of us up on Twitter.