#156 - Into the Nexus: “Get Probed”

Get ready to construct additional pylons because on Into the Nexus this week Garrett and Kyle are piloting Probius! That's right, a Protoss Probe is the latest addition to Heroes of the Storm. The duo also tackle the massive meta-shifting balance update, warriors and armor, what the heck clamping is, new UI improvements, and much more. Into the Nexus is supported by our wonderful patrons via Patreon! If you would like to help support the show go to http://Patreon.com/ITN. If you enjoyed Dunk on today's show, the next goal is to have DunkTrain as a recurring guest! Don't forget to check out the ITN subreddit at ITNcast.reddit.com to submit stories or upvote existing submissions. Follow http://Twitch.tv/amovetv for the live show and game streams. All VODs of the live recording can be found at YouTube.com/amovetv. Into the Nexus is a Heroes of the Storm podcast. Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle Fergusson will be taking you through the Nexus every week. Segments include news, strategies, and plenty of community interaction.   Get ITN Download ITN MP3 Shownotes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12_PdS8MqQsKhqgSO8WnWwkhWWojRMbtI3iM9nZbpRYQ/pub iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/into-nexus-heroes-storm-podcast/id854521079?mt=2 YouTube: http://youtube.com/amovetv

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