Show X - Episode 284 - Spending a Fiver on the internet

Wayne is bad this week, as he plays an ARAM just before the least he finished in time and wrecked newbs. Social media is afraid of nipples. Not everyone is beautiful, but that doesn't matter. Ken got his teacher's work done early so he had time to drive Kitten Features out for a show in Edinburgh, which he wandered. Ken looks forward to becoming a better Scotsman.
Pewdie Pie made a poor decision.
Wayne is prepping to showcase Ninja things, also for Gamefest. He also enjoyed many local Craft beers.
Ken loves his WoW and wants a mount earned from Heroes of the Storm... But he can't do it. He continues to enjoy his story games on his mobile devices. Ken is still playing WoW and collecting all the rares he can. While Ken still thinks the same about the start of Supergirl, he is enjoying it more now. Wayne has also been catching up and finishing shows this week, and decided to get out of the house and dance with some geeks. He is also really excited for the Gen 2 release in Pokemon Go. Wayne continues to try to improve at Overwatch.
In the Geek-0-Scope, Blizzard is releasing many new cards for Hearthstone, a university is running a gaming archive which anyone can play for free. Payday 3 has been announced, Valve fixes old bugs, fans show love to Mega Man, and the dangerous Elite must play together.

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