Show X - Episode 283 - Struggling with our innate Mortality

Ken has been a busy body with work this last week, so he shares some non geeky news today. The guys discuss their belief in science, the morality of pets, a very heavy woman, and a young lotto winner who wants to sue about it.
Wayne spent a Japanese day with DJ Bullock at an arcade and restuarant. Afterwards he stopped by the local ANIME convention Wasabi, which was very lightly attended. Wayne also watched the new John Wick movie which he highly recommends you see.
Ken does some Heroics in WoW and playing all of the Worms on his mobile. He's also been watching the series Supergirl except for the awkwardness of being a girl.
Wayne is really happy with the new Voltron series. He and Kopii finished up Trine 3 and played some ARAMs in LoL. He also checked out the final beta of For Honor and talks about the Valentine's event in Pokemon GO. Wayne also Kickstarted yet another piece of technology.
The Geek-0-Scope has news about the end of Steam Greenlight, E3 open to the public, Higher resolution Fallout 4, and a retro console to play them all.

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