Show X - Episode 282 - Go Super Sportsball

Happy Super Bowl Sunday for all of the Hand Egg fans out there. Wayne starts his day all domestic by doing house stuffs. Everyone make sure they check out the new art contest for February and vote for the winner for January. Wayne is cleaning out old technology and organizing the basement for his next Gamefest. Happy Birthday to Hydroxycut, which gets the guys talking about terms for drunkeness and the fun of Dave and Busters. Ken wishes luck to Kitten Features on her new job. Ken is looking to do additional teaching for more $$$ and freedom.
Ken is a bit up in the air about his Oculus for the phone, but has found severa ways to find articles and stories. Most of his time has still been used to play more World of Warcraft. Ken also learns us all about Memes. Wayne is still on his quest to finish Trine 3 with Kopii and play more Diablo III. He has also started watching the show Magicians.
In the Geek-0-Scope, Ken shares some games for people to relax to, while Wayne shows everyone some places to pick up some old games for free.
Do you like to play games with others, come be part of VtWGaming. Doesn't matter what games you enjoy.

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