Season 04, Episode 07: The Jolliest of Rodgers

Tonight we are drinking different versions of Jolly Rodger from Drakes Brewing. This is an imperial porter, different each year.

To The Pint

Keith (2015 Imperial Coffee Porter, 8.1%)- Quite sweet; nice subtle coffee flavor. - 9/10Gary (2015 Barrel Aged Imperial Coffee Porter, 10.2%)- Rob would call this beer "chewy".  - 10/10Jeremy (2016 Barrel Aged Imperial Coffee Porter, 10.2%)- Bold. Dense. Thick. Alcohol asserts itself here. Nice barrel flavor, but not overdone. - 9/10

Total: 9.3/10

Pint Taken

Can you find good IPA's outside of the USA?Guinness opening a plant in the US… maybe more styles coming?The Crown - spiritual successor to Downton Abbey?The Santa Clarita Diet - horror comedy from Netflix.Want to swap beers? Check out BeerXChange!

Half Pints

Jeremy - RAW shooting on iOS with Lightroom
Gary - Handbrake, Keith - BBTAN, the best, most addictive game since Desert Golf.

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