NC #614 Podfeet Redesign, Nebula Projectors, Nonda Connected Car, Crazy Network, C-me Selfie Drone, Braven Flye Earbuds, Backblaze

Announcing a new site design for podfeet - go kick the tires at My Affinity Photo 1.5 tutorial is up at ScreenCasts Online. We hear from Anker about their new Nebula projected displays, Nonda talks about their connected car devices, I explain more about how cool our network is now that we've folded in the TiVos with MoCA. Then we hear about the C-me Selfie Drone, and the Fly Sport Earbuds from Braven. Finally I wrap up by telling you my tales of adventure with offsite backups and why I've moved from CrashPlan over to Backblaze.