Coverville 1158: Guns N’Roses Cover Story II

With Axl Rose turning 55, I feel like there's no better time than RIGHT NOW to delve back into a Guns N'Roses Cover Story. Welcome to the podcast - we've got fun and games! (71 minutes)

Featuring Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy Sweet Child O' Mine Lucky Uke 2:50 Lucky Uke Guns N' Roses 17 Amazon Used to Love Her [live] White Lung 2:09 SiriusXMU Guns N' Roses November Rain Sandi Thom 5:01 The Covers Collection Guns N' Roses 5 iTunes Amazon Paradise City Handsome Hank and his Lonesome Boys 2:52 Greatest Hits Guns N' Roses 5 Amazon Welcome to the Jungle (808 Remix) Freedom Dub 3:45 Bossa N Roses Guns N' Roses Amazon Knockin' On Heaven's Door Leningrad Cowboys 6:24 Happy Together Bob Dylan 17 Amazon Live and Let Die Pato Fu 3:02 Música de Brinquedo Paul McCartney/James Bond 14 iTunes Amazon Since I Don't Have You Brian Setzer 4:09 The Dirty Boogie Skyliners 3 Amazon Better Chris Zabriskie 4:18 Better Guns N' Roses 2 Black Leather Guns N' Roses 4:08 The Spaghetti Incident? [Explicit] Runaways 2 Amazon Patience w/ Milk Carton Kids Shovels & Rope 5:26 Busted Jukebox: Volume 1 Guns N' Roses Amazon Locomotive Urban Preacher 6:57 Double Talkin' Jive: A Hard Rock Tribute to Guns N' Roses Guns N' Roses Amazon Sympathy for the Devil Guns N' Roses 7:35 Greatest Hits Rolling Stones 18 Amazon