Show X - Episode 281 - Joy and Pain

Wayne decides to start the show with lots of sad news, then lightens things up a bit with some games of Cards Against Humanity and new expansions of cards. Congrats to Jon Wasik on getting engaged. Ken gets all political with jokes from FunnyJunk. The guys try to keep from getting too one sided. Ken still manages to be called a Nazi for his efforts. Ken then prepares to bore eveyone with schooling. He also got to visit he and Kitten's first house together.
For Geek Cred, Ken played Arkham Horror with friends, has read all of the things in WoW and is collecting all of the pets. Wayne is playing more games with Kopii including Trine 3 and Diablo III. He checked out the new Nvidia Experience sreaming options, the beta of For Honor and Revelation Online, the new Resident Evil movie and is watching Season 2 of Voltron.
Wayne has lots of concern for the future of the internet in the US, due to a potential new fight for Net Neutrality.

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